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Seminárna práca: The assessment of administrative burdens for enterprises in Slovakia

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Regulations create administrative burdens which affect everyday life of entrepreneurs. Administrative burden are all costs for information transfer to enforcing organizations and vice versa imposed by law (Kellermann, 1998). However administrative burdens vary across the countries they influence businesses whether are provided within one state or internationally.
Although the topic of reducing administrative burden is often consulted nowadays, surveys concerning measurement of red tape were done much earlier. The OECD had done survey earlier than Slovakia became its Member. Measuring the effect of regulatory environment was done by OECD in 11 countries during 1998 and 1999.
Creating free market in Europe generates pressure to entrepreneurs in respect with higher competition. Administration which occurred due to regulations requires time and money and therefore diminishes the result of business performance. The problem of burdensome is judged in international projects run by OECD and EU as well. It includes cross country benchmarking too. For purpose of improving business environment and due to pressure of international authorities, Slovakia started to deal with the measuring and systematically reducing the burden.
This paper focuses firstly on the theory of burdens and its way of quantification. Secondly deals with the program which started in Slovakia last year. The goal of the program is to measure the administrative burden in Slovakia and introduce steps to its reduction. Consequently I tried to compare the progress briefly to development in Czech Republic. However there have been no visible results in Slovakia yet, I decided to gain the opinion of several Slovak entrepreneurs by distributing the questionnaire.
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