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Semestrálna práca: Description of ITSM tools

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Táto práca popisuje nástroje ITSM (Information Technology Service Management), čiže nástroje pre správu IT služieb. ITSM podlieha šnadardom ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library - oficiálna publikácia Cabinet Office). V úvode projektu je spomenutý obsah a rozsah ITSM a neskôr aj konkrétne spoločnosti ako Pink Elephant a SysAid, ako aj open nástroje organízácie smartITSM.

ITSM stands for "IT Service Management." What are information technology services and why it is necessary to consider their management? Isn’t it enough to manage information technology as itself? Isn’t it sufficient that servers work properly, printers and other IT equipment and all user data are available and all applications work as well?

What is therefore needed to do with the management of IT organizations, in addition to standard maintenance of IT technologies and applications, so the organization will not lose customers? The short answer is: to define and describe the services, which IT segment provides, tech employees how these services work in the context of their daily activities and consequently continuously manage these services on both the operational and the strategic level. Discipline, that deals with these questions is called IT Service Management and description of best practice, how to achieve effective management of IT services, is described in a series of book publications that carry the common name of ITIL ®.
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