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Seminárna práca: Slovakia´s accession to the EU and its impact on the current socio-economic development

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The accession to the European Union has been a unique historical
chance and an existential necessity, which, from the standpoint
of national and state interests, had no reasonable alternative.

The basic goal of the present study was to elaborate relatively
comprehensive scientific arguments on economic and social contexts
explaining the existential necessity of Slovakia’s political and strategic
direction to the EU. At the same time, it attempts to provide a balanced
view of both the benefits and risks. On the one hand, it identifies certain
potential problems and probable, in particular initial time limited risks, the
reduction or elimination of which had required attention already in the
preparatory period. On the other hand, it explains a wide range of benefits,
the rational utilisation of which will give a guarantee of clear long-term
advantageousness of Slovakia’s integration to the EU.

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