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Skriptá: English for business studies - Teachers book

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As mentioned in the Introduction, the units in the Student's Book are grouped according to subject matter: management, production, marketing, finance, and economics. This first introductory unit is more general. It covers a lot of basic vocabulary concerning developed economies, much of it in an extract from a well-known British novel. It also discusses the evolution of the economy of most of the older industrialized countries, with the decline of manufacturing industry and its replacement by services. There is an extract from a magazine interview with an economist and an interview with a British Member of Parliament on this issue. Task la, based on the photograph, provides a good warm-up activity. An important point: virtually all the activities in this and the succeeding units can be done in pairs, and then checked with the whole class. Here this applies to describing the photo in la, classifying the activities in 1 c, answering the questions in 2a and 2b, writing the summary in 2c, and so on.
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