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Seminárna práca: Microsoft’s antitrust trials: What was really going on in the trial of the century?

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Microsoft company was registered in the middle of the 70’s. Its father Bill Gates was raised in the small city in the state of Kansas. His dream when he was young wasn’t to become one of the richest man all over the world. Nevertheless, this has become the truth now.
The Microsoft Corporation started to manufacture their own product in the early 80’s. This first product was the disk operating system (DOS) called MS DOS (MS stands for Microsoft). As their first sells became successful, Microsoft Corporation has had enough facilities to provide itself with a development sector, which it had lacked before. With the help of this sector and the huge groups of software developers Microsoft introduced in a short period of time a brand new set of products. To be certain, these four products were covered with the name Microsoft Office.
As years went by, Microsoft got bigger and the shares of Microsoft grown. The company has become one of the biggest ones on the software market of its kind. This was reached by lot of times unfair policy toward Microsoft’s opponents. As the time went by, lot of small companies was annihilated by the “Monster”3). Lot of products had to be taken back from the market, just because of the loss against aggressive advertising campaigns of the Microsoft Corporation.
These circumstances resulted in the trial also labeled “trial of the century” which trembled the Microsoft shares on a stock market5). Let’s have a deeper insight.
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