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Ťahák: Linguistic characterology / characteristics

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What is dichotomy?

- a difference between two completely opposite ideas or things:
There is often a dichotomy between what politicians say and what they do.
Various theoretical dichotomies can be extracted from Saussure’s work. This has become a tradition. He made a clear distinction between several new concepts: signifier/signified langue/parole, synchronic/diachronic studies, and syntagmatic/paradigmatic studies.

The shortest definition: semiotics is the study of signs.
- tendency to be largely theoretical, its theorists mostly trying to establish its scope and general principles.
- Peirce and Saussure concerned with the fundamental (basic)definition of the sign.
- Peirce developed logical taxonomies of types of signs
- Saussure’s theories - a starting point for the development of various structuralist methodologies for analysing texts and social practices.
- not widely institutionalized as an academic discipline
- specialists involved in semiotics include linguists, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, literary, aesthetic and media theorists, psychoanalysts and educationalists.
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